Spinner Rack program

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Party Popper – Blue

Party Popper – Pink

Party Popper – Gold

Party Popper – Gender Reveal

Open Stock

Merchandise on pegs in party/birthday candle sets, baking/cake décor sets or in the bakery.
Item #: 3320
Package Dimensions: 3.5”L x 1.25”D x 7.25”H
Inner Qty: 6 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs
MSRP: $6.99

Shelf Display

Item #:
Display Dimensions:
Inner Qty:
Master Qty:

Counter PDQ

Merchandise in party sets, que-lines, bakery and balloon counters.
Item #: 3320C
Display Dimensions: 11.75”Lx10”Dx12”H
Inner Qty: 24 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs

Floor Shipper

Merchandise In the bakery, baking aisles or party departments
Item #: 3320F
Display Dimensions: 14”Lx16.5”Dx63”H
Display Qty: 60 pcs.

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