Pull-N-Pop Confetti Popper

By incorporating a rubber pull-mechanism, the Pull-n-Pop Confetti Popper uses only air and recycled streamers.  It also gives it that “classic Pop!” when activated.  The old champagne bottle poppers use gun powder, leaving a stinky odor in the air.  Pull-N-Pop Confetti Poppers are clean, green, and most importantly safe to use. Great for New Year’s Eve parties and Graduation.

Open Stock

Merchandise on pegs in party sets, baking/cake décor sets or in the bakery
Item #: 3323
Dimensions: 4.5”Lx7.12”Dx1.32”H
Inner Qty: 12 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs
MSRP: $3.99

Counter PDQ

Merchandise in party sets, que-lines, bakery and balloon counters
Item #: 3323C
Display Dimensions: 17”Lx11.25”Dx12.5”H
Inner Qty: 24 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs

Floor Display

Merchandise In the bakery, baking aisles or party departments
Item #: 3323F
Display Dimensions: 14.5”Lx18”Dx64.5”H
Display Qty: 60 pcs


The Pull-N-Pop Confetti Popper Adds Pop To Any Celebration! Great For New Years Eve, Graduation, Surprise Parties, Birthdays, Retirement, And More. They’re Fun, Easy To Use, And An Inexpensive Way To Host The Best Party Ever!