Cash Stash Cake Surprise

Hide up to 50 bills inside a cake for the ultimate surprise!  Simply pull up the cake topper and out comes a roll of cash.  Each package contains a cake topper, cutting device, cash box and food grade plastic sleeves.


Party Popper – Blue

Party Popper – Pink

Party Popper – Gold

Party Popper – Gender Reveal

Open Stock

Merchandise on pegs in party/birthday candle sets, baking/cake décor sets or in the bakery
Item #: 3322
Package Dimensions: 3.6”Lx2.25”Dx7.25”H
Inner Qty: 6 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs
MSRP: $6.99

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Counter PDQ

Merchandise in party sets, que-lines, bakery and balloon counters
Item #: 3322C
Display Dimensions: 15.35”Lx11.5”Dx12”H
Inner Qty: 20 pcs
Master Qty: 60 pcs

Floor Shipper

Merchandise In the bakery, baking aisles or party departments
Item #: 3322F
Display Dimensions: 14”Lx16.5”Dx63”H
Display Qty: 45 pcs

Show me the money!

Everyone loves getting money as a gift but why give money in a boring old card when you can put money in the Cash Stash Cake Surprise and make it totally fun and exciting. The Cash Stash Cake Surprise is designed to look like a standard cake topper but it’s not because, when you pull up the topper out comes a roll of cash. The Cash Stash Cake Surprise comes with clear sleeves, which fit up to 50 bills and it’s made of food grade plastic so money never touches the actual cake. The Cash Stash Cake Surprise will be a hit with anyone celebrating a special occasion.