Spincredible Candle

Simply light the candles and watch in amazement as the heat from the flames makes the top spin.  Charms dangling from the sides fan out and if in a dark room, cast shadows on your walls, like a baby’s mobile.  Push the button on the base and it plays “Happy Birthday.”


Party Popper – Blue

Party Popper – Pink

Party Popper – Gold

Party Popper – Gender Reveal

Open Stock

Merchandise on pegs in party/birthday candle sets, baking/cake décor sets or in the bakery
Item #: 3321
Package Dimensions: 4”Lx1.75”Dx8.50”H
Inner Qty: 6 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs
MSRP: $6.99

Shelf Display

Merchandise on shelves in baking/cake décor sets, party sets, bakery counters, check stands
Item #: 3321K
Display Dimensions: 4.25”Lx9.5”Dx7.8.5”H
Inner Qty: 6 pcs
Master Qty: 48 pcs

Counter PDQ

Merchandise in party sets, que-lines, bakery and balloon counters
Item #: 3321C
Display Dimensions: 13”Lx12.75”Dx12”H
Inner Qty: 24 pcs
Master Qty: 72 pcs

Floor Shipper

Merchandise in the bakery, baking aisles or party departments
Item #: 3321F
Display Dimensions: 14”Lx16.5”Dx63”H
Display Qty: 60 pcs.

Turns the top of any cake into a musical carousel!

Just light the candles and the heat from the flames make the top of the carousel spin like magic! Once the carousel starts to spin, the charms start to fan out just like they do on a carnival spin ride. The Spincredible musical cake topper even plays “Happy Birthday” while it’s spinning. Add excitement to any cake with the Spincredible Candle!

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