Incredible Candle

Light the center wick and watch all 14 candles light at the same time! It opens, spins and plays “Happy Birthday”. It’s Incredible. Often imitated but never duplicated. The Incredible Candles patented design has been a best seller for many years.

Open Stock

Merchandise on pegs in party/birthday candle sets, baking/cake décor sets or in the bakery
Item #: 3305
Dimensions: 2.88”Lx2.88”Dx5.5”H
Inner Qty: 24 pcs
Master Qty: 96 pcs
MSRP: $6.99

Counter PDQ

Merchandise in party sets, que-lines, bakery and balloon counters
Item #: 3305C
Display Dimensions: 15”Lx12”Dx12.25”H
Inner Qty: 20 pcs
Master Qty: 60 pcs

Floor Display

Merchandise In the bakery, baking aisles or party departments
Item #: 3305F
Display Dimensions: 17”Lx17”Dx62”H
Display Qty: 56 pcs

Watch all 14 candles create a spectacular light show!

When you’re planning your next birthday party, don’t celebrate with the same old boring candles, celebrate with the coolest birthday candle ever, The Incredible Candle! Simply light the center of the candle and watch all 14 candles create a spectacular light show. It opens, spins, plays “Happy Birthday” and it’s so easy! Dripping wax on your cake, a thing of the past! The Incredible Candle catches it all.