At JFL Enterprises, Inc. we create unforgettable moments of joy, surprise, and celebration. For over five years, we’ve captivated consumers with our exceptional line of interactive birthday candles and cake toppers. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we are the go-to source for the Best Party Ever! Our patented Incredible Candle is the ultimate birthday party essential. An instant best-seller with millions of pieces sold, its interactive design lights 16 candles, spins, and plays Happy Birthday. The Party Popper! Cake Topper is a new favorite, adding excitement and fun to any celebration. Light the wick and watch edible confetti shoot into the air and decorate the top of any cake. As a leading celebration brand, Best Party Ever! is known for innovation and quality that wows. We continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible to make special occasions and milestone moments magical. 

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Glitter Incredible Candle

Party Popper! Cake Topper - Pink/Blue

Best Party Ever! Spinner Rack Program

Cash Stash Cake Surprise

Butterfly Surprise Cake Topper

Spincredible Candle

Party Popper! Cake Topper - Metallic

Quick-Light Birthday Candles

Cake Brites

Original Incredible Candle

Pull-N-Pop Confetti Popper

Party Popper! Cake Topper - Gender Reveal!

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Birthday Candle Air Cannon